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Our Services

Since the year 2000, Monitored Systems' alarm monitoring services have delivered peace of mind to our customers. Our UL listed monitoring station is fully licensed and insured. Our operators monitor thousands of security systems for local and national government agencies, banks, financial institutions, schools, churches, industrial facilities and homes and businesses like yours.

DISCLAIMER: All service, installations and alarm panel programming is performed by fully licensed and insured Louisiana subcontractors with extensive experience in alarm system design, installation, troubleshooting and maintenance of all types of electronic security systems.

If you have questions about any of our services, please contact us at 504-483-7700 or 1-866-736-9888 or request that we contact you.

Home Alarm Monitoring

24/7 Alarm Monitoring Services

Our alarm monitoring keeps your home and business protected without interruption, even through severe tropical weather. When our monitoring station receives signals for unauthorized entries, highly trained operators immediately attempt contact at the telephone numbers provided by you. If there is no answer or an emergency is confirmed, appropriate fire, police and/or medical personnel are dispatched immediately.

24/7 Fire Monitoring Services

A basic smoke detector is simply not enough to provide adequate protection and warning of a potentially dangerous situation. Should a fire break out, 24-hour monitoring professionals will dispatch emergency personnel immediately, protecting your home even when you’re away.

Cellular Primary - No Standard Telephone Service on Premises

Are you interested in eliminating your existing landline telephone? Do you prefer not to have a landline installed? If so, your alarm system can be upgraded to a cellular primary service, for an additional charge. Cellular service provides your system with a connection to our monitoring station that allows you to remain protected without a landline present, should your internet connection fail or in the event of a power outage. This service does not utilize your current cellular phone or tie into your existing cellular account in any way. The alarm will work independently, through a different cellular network.

Cellular Backup - Standard Telephone Service on Premises

Do you wish to retain your current landline but want the additional security of a backup system? Cellular backup service is available for an additional charge and provides a connection to our monitoring station that allows you to remain protected even if your landline fails to function or is cut off for any reason, your internet connection is down or your power is out. This does not utilize your current cellular phone or tie into the account in any way. If engaged, the alarm will work independently, through a different cellular network.

Interactive Services – Manage your Alarm from your Phone or Computer

Do you want to be able to interact with (remotely control) your alarm system from anywhere and at any time? Your system can be configured to provide advanced monitoring technology which will allow you to do so from your mobile phone or other mobile device with internet access. You will be able to remotely arm/disarm your security system, view recent system activity, and much more, providing you with the most advanced security technology available at a very affordable price. Free mobile apps with intuitive technology keep you connected in in control at all times. Interactive services are only available with Cellular service and not with landline based systems.

Business Alarm Monitoring

Open/Close Reports for Businesses

Most alarm systems have the capability of identifying which employees are arming and disarming your system, and when. This information allows you to keep careful track of the comings and goings at your business. We can provide a weekly or monthly activity report indicating the date and time and associated user code of each armed/disarmed signal we received. This report will also show any and all other alarm signals sent by your security system during that time period.

Hold-up/Panic Buttons

For employees working in high-risk environments, emergency personnel will be immediately dispatched to your site with the use of a hold-up/panic button.

Access Control Systems

With an access control keyless entry security system you have the ability to manage, monitor and audit entry to your building or restricted areas.

Extreme Temperature Notification

Do you have a wine cellar or other portion of your property where a constant temperature is important? With our service, you can designate the ideal temperature, and we will notify you in the event of any fluctuation outside of the range you provide.

Video Surveillance

A video monitoring system provides an added deterrent to shoplifting, property damage and employee theft. It provides video evidence of crimes, vitally important in obtaining a conviction in court. A video monitoring system gives you extra supervision of hard-to-monitor areas of your property. It can also document events, thereby protecting you against fraudulent liability claims.

Additional Home Services

Remote Viewing

With remote viewing, you have the freedom to check on your property live from any computer in the world with streaming video.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless and poisonous gas which is produced by the incomplete burning of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels. CO poisoning can be extremely harmful and even deadly. Every year, more than 200 people in the United States die from CO produced by fuel-burning appliances such as furnaces, ranges, water heaters and room heaters. Protect your family and business by adding CO monitoring to your existing 24/7 alarm monitoring.

Wearable Medical/Panic Buttons

For seniors and anyone with medical difficulties, wearable medical/panic buttons alert our monitoring station immediately if assistance is needed. This allows for rapid dispatch of emergency personnel and notification of the contacts of your choice so that help is quickly on its way.